Thursday, 29 January 2009

One of my childhood dreams...

You know, one of my dreams when I was a wee girl is to play the piano in one of the prestigious hotels. I wanted to travel all over the world. I was musically inclined person, but Im not really good at it. I love MUSIC but music doesn't seem to agree with me...:-)

When I was young, I joined a musical band, but I was one of the front line singer. I am not a fantastic singer, (dont get me wrong, I can probably sing better than Britney-well-atleast I dont mime) but I begged our manager to hire me, because I said, i got other talents other than singing.

My first ever trip with the group was in Dubai. (it was a beautiful place) very cosmopolitan. I was in my early 20's then. I was under a lot of pressure because my other co-singers (I would say) they have a fabulous voice, almost like Mariah Carie, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston (those were the popular singers during that time-Kerry Underwood wasn't probably even potty trained then hehe) They never gave me any songs from Mariah, or Whitney-Most of the time, I was asked to sing some Hindi songs- "I remember one song called Bat-ban Jaye" and "Tama tama Loge" (sorry forgot the spelling) and also some arabic songs forgot the title but it goes something like this-"Ya mustafa-Ya mustafa- Anabahaebak Yamustafa- Saba sineen fila al tahreen, wintahabibi Ya mustafa" . Have you ever heard some Hindi Songs? (quite high pitch and tiny voice?) I can make my voice sounds like that and also with the arabic songs, you have to do the vibrato style and I can also copy some of their dance move. Occasionaly I also played the keyboards and once I even played the drums, that's the only way I could stand out with the other singers cos I can play instruments (but only self taught though-unfortunately I never had a proper lesson-we couldn't afford it.) but I love to be able to play different kinds of musical instruments especially the violin and the harp.

When I go to hotels and see people playing the piano at the hotel lobby, I am soooo jealous and trying to imagine myself...That should be me...but I am quite old now, and I can only sing lullabies and play music to my children and I am sure they'll appreciate it more...hehehe

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