Monday, 2 February 2009

On a cold and snowy morning...

I woke up around 5am today- and ohhhh soooo gorgeous..I love it when it's snowy--so calm and all white- we dont really get lots of snow here, last year, it was a quite warm winter and so dry. So today, I woke up the kids at 7am, cos they have been complaining that we never had white christmas. I didn't want them to miss it...So I asked them to have breakfast and get change and they can play for awhile before school...
Kids love playing in the snow- I am probably worse- because while I was removing snow on my car I was throwing snow balls with the kids...Im such a big kid. We end up having snow ball fight with the children on the neighbourhood. I love it...Winter is my favourite season, only when it's snowy...:-)
Worse part- I had to drive to drop my minded kids to the Nursery...urrrggghhhh

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