Monday, 1 June 2009

My summer check-list.

"Costa Del Sol here I come!"

1st of June...4 weeks more to go and School is finish. 4 weeks to go and I am away to Spain. (yeeehhhaaaa!!) but I only got 4 weeks to learn few phrases from espanyol. Dora the Explorer has been a tremendous help with my "spanish knowledge" but apart from "Hola-Buenos dias" I need to learn enough to get me about and not get lost, know the lingo for shopping, have a meal without indigestion, even meet and greet the locals. I borrowed this DVD from the library, and I think if I listen to it everyday, I will learn a lot, like una botella vino la casa por favor! hehehe, I know serbesa is beer, it's like our filipino language. It would be a lot easier for me, compared with my french. I was completely lost when I was in Paris, all I could say was " oui! non, bonjour-merci " it's pathetic... :-) but majority of the locals speak english, (that's a bonus.)

I went to the shop last week and managed to get myself some summer outfit, I was... uhmmmm having a second thought whether I should wear a bikini, but I don't think I have the guts...I think I'd stick with one piece. :-) I need some serious diet if ever I'll consider it.

I got plenty of sunscreen, ohhh I still need to get some mosquito repellant, as I heared mossies are pretty bad there especially at night time close to "La playa"

I need to get myself into gear, as I got a lot on my plate this June, MUST finished my Tax return and update my spreadsheets, maybe alter a few of my policies for my business, as I am due for my annual visit from the Care Commission this month. I'm dreading that moment.

Oh well...summer is here, I wish I could get a decent sleep this week, my hayfever is killing me, phoned up the doctor today, and managed to get myself an appointment for Thursday.

Howabout you guys? Any plans for the summer holidays?

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