Sunday, 31 May 2009

Summer is here (I hope...)

"Holiday in Jeddah"

It's a lovely day outside, about 24C, this is perfect infact- a blissful weather for majority of the locals here. I am begining to appreciate the sun a lot better lately, compared to when I used to live in the middle east. I moan about the humidity and the hot summer which sometimes goes up to 50C.

Having this lovely weather is no good for me either, due to my terrible hayfever, the pollen count is high and I have no choice but to hibernate inside the house. I do love to sunbathe, but I struggled with my breathing last night after staying outside the back garden all day. "Asthma alert!" I forgot to get my inhaler. I need to book for a doctor's appointment tommorow.

I went to the supermarket yesterday to get some BBQ stuff, we decided to have a barbie, since the weather is lovely, I made some lamb kebabs, pork teriyaki and some chicken curried kebabs. When I was at the supermarket, I was amazed by the amount of people panic buying of food and alcohol, I think 50% of the Brits probably had some BBQ yesterday, the parking lot was mobbed and the queue at the till is horrendous. Asda Supermarket is not capable of this event, there's hardly any meat left on the shelves, and jeezzwhiz, there's no icelollies left and no bread rolls. Ridiculous!!! They should be more prepared next time...

Oh well, It's 1pm, I think I'd better finish my ironing, cos it's back to work tomorrow, I betcha the weather will go back to being miserable and wet again...I am not sure wether to put all my winter coats away and take out all my thongs and summer clothes...

I just hope it's a dry summer this time...

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