Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Blogging...which site is the best?

Friendster, Bebo, Facebook, My Space,, Twitter, I don’t have all day to name them all. Aren't you getting fed-up sometimes when you’re getting all these invites from friends, colleagues, relatives etc.

“Hi a friend of yours wants to invite you to join or Friends Reunited"etc, to view her profile please click here and join” (No Thanks!) Sometimes I just delete them straight away and blocked them if I got another invites. Yeah I have to admit, I was excited at first, so everytime friends send me invites, I just join and sign up, I end up having My Space, Bebo, Facebook,, but now I have to unsubscribe to some of them, I’d stick with Friendster, the reason for that is, I got all my friends, family , former classmates and relatives here. I also got Facebook, but I am not really active there. I heard a lot of bad things about Friendster, but I don’t really care about the glittery designs, fancy music and all, I just really want to stay-in-touch with friends and family. I don’t want to join any social networking to find more friends? I already got some. I am not here to find a date, It's a No! No! for me.

Yeah, I blog a lot lately, but that doesn’t mean, I am on the net 24/7 and all I do is write blogs? Naaah-ahhh! I do have a life too… (Don’t I?—ofcourse I do-silly! ) well–for starter–I watch Zack and Cody and Wizard of Waverly Place on Disney Channel and I know all the characters from Animals Mechanicals, and don’t let me sing the song of the Mickey Mouse ClubHouse and Ben10 (because I know them by heart!.) ehrmmm, what do u expect? I work with children. (and yes! I even have a crush on Sportacus of Lazy Town) Lols ohh come’on!!! he’s mega fit! and kinda cute too; with 6 packs. (I call that life eh? ehmmm, its a very rewarding job though.)

Living abroad is tough, it’s not like in the Philippines that first thing in the morning you’ll hear your neighbours gossiping and chatting, that when you go out in your garden, me makakachika kanang kapitbahay mo at uupo na kayo sa hagdan para maghanap ng lisa at kuto! You don’t really see your neighbours here because they work full time. If you don’t find a hobby you’ll end up having a nervous breakdown or some sort of “Hormonal imbalances“ in other words, mababaliw ka. I don’t want to have an “idle time” para ma depress ako. SO I make sure I always up and doing something. (well-after I finished my chores of course) but cross stitch and knitting is not for me.

Blogging is my “stress reliever” people probably thought I am dishing out too much about my personal life. (Not really-akala niyo lang yun) but YES!I do share some of my life experience, but my purpose is maybe to help others to learn from my experiences. Life is too short to learn them all by yourself, so might as well learn it from others! (lols)

Earn money while blogging??? $$$
I also learned some interesting facts while I was browsing other people’s blog the other day, that someone could actually earn a lot of dough (like 5 figures!!!) from blogging. (Well-if ever I will earn a single penny for writing blog, I would consider it a bonus!) but NO! I only blog because I am bored, not because I want to be popular and rich? (ohhh, wait—yes! I wanna be rich…) but I don’t think writing these blogs will get me there. :-) I am a complete mediocre-or lower than that!

Hmmnn-so you think I am being too hard on myself?
I am just being honest! First I don’t have suitable knowledge on how to write properly, not to mention my ENGLISH! and some grammatical errors, my punctuation and spelling sucks, and I have a little knowledge about similes and metaphors. I still don’t know how to do those “magnetic headlines” to catch some readers.

Yes, I may receive some good feedbacks, motivating messages from friends and people I know, but I think they’re just being politically correct! There’s this person who send me a message and ask me to write all my blog in english, cos he's struggling to understand my other blog especially the one on Friendster, when I mix it with my mother tounge. E bat naman ako mag papaka nose bleed? for all I know, yung mga readers ko lang naman yung mga kabayan ko at kapamilya, not to mention the kapuso! Pero I find it flattering that there are also westeners reading my blog, but sorry guys! I am not that fluent in English. (Nose bleed) But anyways- kung madidiskubre man ako sa pag ba blog ko? Good! (though-I dont see that happening anytime soon or—not even in a million years!.) but I don’t plan on changing my career just now (What career?) friends even suggested that I should be a chef or a party organiser and even a stand-up comediene” (teka: hirap ata nun, maubusan pako ng english! ang siste mag sa sign language nalang ako?)

But I think- I should be in “Guinness book of World record” for being able to make a novel out of a single comment” (especially when I am defending myself) and that I could talk for an hour without breathing…Hahahahha!!!
I love blogging and I enjoy reading other people's blog too.

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