Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The BIG C!

When we hear the term “BIG C” majority are probably aware that we are talking about CANCER. Few decades ago, cancer is perhaps not that popular in our society compared this century. We thought Cancer is just one of those Zodiac signs.
We hear about people affected with this disease, the saddest part is, we probably know someone close to us who’s suffering with this BIG C.
Few weeks ago, our filipino actor “Francis KIKO Magalona” died of cancer, age 44, father of 8 children. I wasn’t even aware that he has cancer. Another celebrity lost the battle with cervical cancer recently, was Jade Goody? (not sure if you heard about her) She’s a reality TV star. She’ joined UK BIg Brother in 2002 i think. She became the 25th most influential celebrity.
I am not a big fan of Jade because of her foul mouth and swearing all the time, but I have to give her credit because she’s a courageous woman both in life and death”. She died at the age of 27, mother of 2 boys (5 and 4) My heart sank when I heard the news on mother’s day. It must be the most horrifying news for her children especially to lose your mother on Mother’s Day? I know that she earned a lot of money doing this documentary about her life story, Jade’s illness had featured in the media on a daily basis over recent weeks, but she did it all for the right reasons, to raise funds for her children’s future. I watched her wedding last week, and I was in tears. I know that her children’s future would probably be a lot better than my kids future, but the fact that she wont be there when they start Primary School,on their Graduation etc, that’s what breaks my heart. ;-(
My neighbour lend me her OK magazine yesterday and the cover was a tribute to Jade Goody, and one of my minded kids, Aidan (9) said, "all I hear is Jade Goody “I know she died at a very young age, and I do feel sorry for her, but for heaven’s sake, other people died of cancer too, but dont get the same treatment as she does" and I was like…hmmmm he’s got a point. Yes-2 of my siblings died of cancer, but they didn’t earn millions for their stories.
I just remember today is the death anniversary of my sister (Eileen) and tomorrow is the birthday of my late Ate Tet (Tetchie-as knowned by everyone) who died of cervical cancer in 1996 (age 40) . Then the day after tomorrow it’s my brother, Robin’s death anniversary. (He had prostate cancer) They all died at a very young age. (in their forties.)

I know that we are all aware of the BIG C, but some of us are probably not taking any precautionary measures like going for a smear test (for women) checking your breast regularly and if we find any abnormality signs on our body we must always make an effort to go for a check up…I have my regular check up due to our medical history and I had my smear test 2 months ago, fortunately everything is clear. I hate the procedure and all, but nothing is more priceless than our life…so please please please, rather than buying all your gadgets, handbags, loads etc…go for a general check-up, I am sure it wont cost that much…and even if it is…afterall it’s all worth it…remember-health is better than wealth.

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