Friday, 20 March 2009

No place like HOME.

Someone wrote a blog about HOMESICKNESS, then--it made me think--ohhh I miss home too, but No! I am not gonna whine and moan how much I miss family and friends..instead I will tell you how I miss my country of Origin...Thirld World Country- as they say, but atleast English is our second language...Let me prove it to you...:-)
We are very specific on our rules and regulation at the pool. SO be careful before you go deeping (Lols)
Stiff slope? Does that mean the pilot might have a stiff neck? I think they just mispelt steep slope or cliff.

We filipinoes, are well known for our hospitality- Yes, we are even giving free park to people, so you can keep it...(Lols) Just make sure you keep it clean okay?

yesssss!!! No speeding or you'll go to Jail...hehehehe

They are not selling bed sheets from dead people....They just ran out of ink i think...

Christianity is very popular in the Philippines, I was raised as a Catholic and went to a Catholic School, they taught us how to pray all the time, and yes--finders beware when you leave your stuff... They might think it's God's will...heheheheh

Only in the Philippines eh? They cut in Hurry while supply last..

Signs at a boarding school- Maybe this note is intended for the foreign students. So please be considerate and don't do your laundry at midnight..and that means do it during the day when the washing machine is a lot quieter. :-)

Order by the Manager (I think the owner here is westerner, His english is so when they said it's not OPEN you know the reason- because it's Closed! understand???

Classic- brutally honest...but classic!!! If it's a jaguar or aston martin, maybe you wouldn't mind eh? last but not least.....GOD DAMN SATAN TO HELL!!!

I don't think Satan will be threatened to go to Hell???what do u think??? Lols...Ohhh jeezzzz I miss the Filipino wit...despite all the corruptions and problems, they still find time to make people happy...
Cheers kabayan...

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