Friday, 3 April 2009

Filipino mentality..

One of my nieces is getting married--yeeehhaaaa! but it was just a private wedding and they only want family members and closest friends..

Now she's having some dilemma! When she invited people, some says- can I take my children? bestfriend, parents etc...

This is the thing in the Philippines...we don't know the concept of RSVP- they are not aware of the protocol. When I celebrate my son's 1st bday party in the Philippines, I don't even know half of the people there, there are more adults than the children. Grandparents, neighbours, relatives etc.

Others even go on a huff when they don't get invited, like as if it's the end of the world...(asuss- tampururut kapa jan) I know that I have been living abroad for so many years now, but even then, when I am the only one invited, I never drag the whole clan if I was invited to a party.

On my wedding day, it was written clearly -RSVP- out of 300 people invited, no one had the decency to respond. Did they all turn up ? NO! but the funny thing is, there are babies and children (not my family member) on my wedding...and when i specified and stipulated "FORMAL attire" here in the UK, people always make an effort to shop for clothes when they go to weddings, but in the Philippines, expect some of them to turn up wearing rubber shoes, jeans and shorts...abysmal!!!

Well- I am not saying, forget about the tradition and lets all be westernise, but my point is, it's expensive to have parties nowadays, and if the host is paying an extortionate amount of money for catering, I thought it would be polite to atleast respond and dont invite uninvited guest..if it says YOU are invited plus a guest...just take one guest...cos it didnt say GUESTS with an S...

It's not rocket science really, I hope people realise that...

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