Friday, 6 February 2009

Bargain hunter...

I am quite well known for being the biggest bargain hunter alive...hehehe, I dont really care whatever they want to call me, I am just being sensible, so I dont really buy the full price and only shop during SALE and MASSIVE reduction...Here are the best buy I got yesterday...(I think you'll agree with me..) This pompom boots I got for my daughter for £2.00, geez- You cannot complain with that eh?
I love accessories, people always compliment me with my matching accessories and outfit, but I don't really spend a lot of money with my clothes and stuff heheh..this one is down to £1.00

I like this butterfly one- I got it from BAY- some of their accessories are all down to £1.00.. I am loving this credit crunch, I found lots and lots of bargains in town...yey!!!
Howabout you guys? what are your best buys?

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